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Privacy & GDPR

Our IT Refurbishment partners permanently destroy data by overwriting the data multiple times. This results in complete data destruction with no shadow data remaining on the disk.

There are a number of overwriting standards available in the market. The one utilised by our partners guarantees 100% confirmed security for complete data erasure as it is certified in line with CPA (Commercial Product Assurance), Common Criteria EAL3+ as well as National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This is currently the highest security standard awarded by the EU for the erasure of data. It is also GDPR compliant.

If for whatever reason the hard drive fails the data erase process then the drive will be physically destroyed.

By donating equipment you are relinquishing ownership of the data and confirming that we can destroy the data and/or physically destroy the drive containing it.

Please contact us if you wish see our GDPR policy in full.

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