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We are a large business with multiple departments and sites. What’s the best way to register if we want to register as a donor?

Register your main office for the company. Once your account is created you can then register multiple sites/offices/departments for you organisation, each with their own address and contact person(s).

We have an asset register. Is there a quicker way I can upload the information to the site?

You can send us your asset register as a csv file and we will upload it. If you plan on regularly donating assets in batches we can code something specifically for you.

We would like to distribute the devices, what information will I need to upload about the people I give them to?

We would like to collect anonymous generic data such as gender, race, age etc. to enable statistical analysis but this is not a requirement. Please bear in mind that we wish to allocate assets fairly and lack of such data makes this difficult.

As a distributor organisation do I have to register all individual staff that will be giving out devices as distributors as well?

If you wish to have a single user shared between all staff or register individual staff that have separate accounts is your decision. The system will work using either method.

As a drop off point what do I need to tell the people who might receive the devices from the public?

When logged in you will see the devices that are expected at your drop-off point and a single click will register it as dropped-off. We also have a QR code system for public donations where the donator receives this via email - scanning this will automatically register the device as dropped off too.

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